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Music video produced by Swiss rap collective Yenan in connection with the international action day in support of the people’s war in India on the 24th of November, 2021.

This mid-1992 video documentary from Dispatches of Great Britain’s Channel 4 shows the people’s war in Peru at its peak during the strategic stalemate, immediately before Comrade Gonzalo’s arrest on the 12th of September, 1992.

How the Steel Was Tempered, or The Making of a Hero, is a 1932-34 socialist-realist novel written by the Ukrainian author Nikolai Ostrovsky. It details the life of Communist Party member, Red Army soldier, labor hero and red artist Pavel Korchagin before, during and after the civil war in the Union of Socialist Council Republics.

The book Red Star Over China is the American journalist Edgar Snow’s historic account of the people’s war in China in 1936, immediately after the Long March and the establishment of Mao Zedong’s Leadership at the Political Bureau’s 1935 Zunyi Meeting.